Manual winches

Discover Faca's range of manual winches: wall-mounted, traction winches, for lifting and much more.

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Brake levers

Types and technical specifications of parking brake levers, custom-made or stock sold by Faca.

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Brake pedals

See our car brake pedals section: discover technical specifications of Faca's products.

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Customized products

Can't find what you are looking for? Faca also designs customized products according to your needs.

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100% made in Italy

only the Best Hand Winches for sale worldwide, since 1974

The Company

FACA S.A.S. - well known and appreciated worldwide for its production and sale of manual winches and parking brake levers - was founded in 1974: its activity was immediately cast into a rapid and constant productive development, earning trust and preference of the international market and positively inserting itself in the exportation world.

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The expertise of the producer
faca customized products